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How to Write a Methodology: a Few Easy Steps

How to Write a Methodology

Writing your graduate thesis, you need to cover your theme and also discuss what methods you’ve used to complete your research. You usually do this in your methodology section where you need to elucidate what particular research you did and what tools you’ve used to complete it. This information will help your readers evaluate its credibility and importance for this scientific field. In this post, we’ll share some tips that will help you learn how to write a methodology.



Writing a Methodology

Writing a Methodology Section: Basic Tips to Follow

This section usually includes the following items:

  • The explanation on what type of research you managed to complete;
  • Explain how you collected data;
  • Expound what methods you’ve used to analyze your data;
  • What tools were used in this research;

When writing a methodology for your undergraduate thesis, you need to use Past Tense.

Here are some tips that will help you create an all-encompassing methodology section:

  • Explain your attitude to this research and what approach you’ve used to complete it (qualitative or quantitative methods).
  • What methods of data collection you’ve used. Describe what tools and materials you’ve used to gather information for your dissertation. You can use surveys, experiments, personal observations, interviews with groups, etc. This information should definitely be mentioned in your dissertation abstract international.
  • Clarify your methodological choices. Some students neglect this tip, but in fact, it is important to explain why you made this choice and why other methods were not suitable for this type of research. It would be great if you also demonstrate how this particular research contributes to the development of this scientific field. If necessary, you can also write about the advantages and disadvantages of the approach that you chose.
  • Concentrate on your main goals and cover the main research questions.
  • Use only relevant sources.

Think about your targeted audience and don’t use too much unnecessary information. You should be more specific while dealing with your dissertation abstracts international.

How to Write a Methodology

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