The majority of employees and students are made to write reports every day. In very deed, this is a part of their official duties. Sometimes people consider that such kind of work is an exercise in futility but it is not true. Any report must be looked through and analyzed by company management and the result of such analyses is used in future for rendering a correct decision.

The definition of a report

Students at universities are also made to write reports occasionally. Therefore, report writing format is familiar to them. Report is a methodical document which determines a type of a problem and makes proper analyses. A correct report usually comprises:

  • Information about some events,
  • The importance of these events,
  • Analyses of the results,
  • Discussion of the event,
  • Conclusions,
  • Author’s recommendations.

The structure of a report fully depends on the types of reports and the area where it should be applied. Nevertheless, there are some common rules a report should correspond to. First, it should be accurate and concise. The author shouldn’t neglect the structure because it should be proper. Besides, author must clearly determine a problem.

Types of reports

Types of reports

In fact, this kind of documents is widely used for different purposes. It means that any report has different information, therefore it should be structured differently. Here are the main types of this document:

  • Short report,
  • Science,
  • Business,
  • Engineering,
  • Research report.

The structure varies in compliance of the type of a document. Some types require more information and more points to be added. If it is a short report, the author (except for title and introduction) should discuss the main problem, give some recommendations and write references. In very deed, search engine can offer you a number of examples of written reports. Therefore, a person can cope with this task easily, having an illustrative example.

How to create the most successful and correct report

Having faced this task for the first time, surely each person has the question like how to write a report. When we are obliged to do something new, we should know the procedure for making the task correctly.

Before you begin your work, you should analyze your brief and if you have some questions, you should immediately find the answers to them. The theme you write about and the work objective should be familiar to you.

It stands to mention that before writing a report, a person should know the audience and the goal of work.

Though there is a good choice of report writing examples for students online, it doesn’t mean that a report can be confused with some other kind of work. It shouldn’t contain too much irrelevant information. This is a kind of summarization of the main points. The main distinctive feature of reports is that it is written in special sections where numbered headings and sub-headings are widely used.

Students and each person writing a report should pay great attention to the style of this work. A report is not such kind of work where jargon or colloquial language can be used. It must be a proper English language. Sentences should be short, try to avoid long sentences, information should be presented clearly and intelligibly.

Each paragraph should contain the same number of sentences (5-7 sentences). Besides, this is an impersonal kind of work and each author should know about this.

Students also frequently face this kind of task and as far as now it is possible to find a number of examples online, it doesn’t mean that each student can cope with this task properly. In this instance, one can ask help from lab report writing services – companies that can assist you to do this work. One of such companies is – a professional company, which can help you create an essay, research paper or your lab report. The staff of this company consists of professionals only that have a good experience of work. You can be sure in their professionalism and your lab report will be done as is right and proper.


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