You can work on any kind of scientific paper – an essay, course or research paper – you always should somehow draw attention of readers to your paper. Thesis is the way to do it. When you create a work, you surely want someone to read it and find something new and interesting. If a text is not structured, hardly you will find a reader who will understand from the title about what your work is. Hereat, if your aim is to encourage attention of the reader, you always should use thesis statements.

What is a thesis statement?


Generally, these are several sentences an author should write starting an essay or the other kind of work for drawing attention of the audience. The author’s task is to apprise the audience what the paper is about and thesis is used for this purpose. Everything stands upon the theme of your work. It can be one short sentence or several sentences. Besides, thesis statement remains flexible until the author completes his or her work.

These several sentences usually are written when the work is completed. When you place it in the beginning of your text, you just add more work to yourself. The procedure of creating an essay or other kinds of papers is very unpredictable, you always can shift your ground and you will be made to change the pace of work. Having written the thesis statement in advance, you will change it once again after you finish your work.

You always can look for the explanation or samples online – you just have to type in search engine ‘thesis definition’ or ‘sample thesis paper’ and you will be proposed a number of examples. In most instances, thesis statement should be in the beginning of your text and turns into unexciting beginning.

How to write a thesis?

The author, who desires to write a qualitative work, should pay attention to writing of the thesis statement. This is of prime importance. At the first face, it seems to be that these are only several sentences that are not very important and don’t influence on the quality of work. However, according to the statistics, if a person has read several sentences of your work and they kindled his or her interest, in most cases your work will be read till the end.

Therefore, if your target is to write an ultimate essay, you should follow some tips, created to help you write a decent work.

  • You should avoid vague words,
  • Try to be more specific,
  • You should somehow tell the readers about the main objective of your work but don’t use the sentences like. ‘The main goal of my essay is…’, or ‘In this work I would like to explain you…’
  • Do not use jargon,
  • Try to avoid abstract words.

These are the frontmost rules each author should follow for creating a good thesis statement. However, everything depends upon the theme of your work. In case you doubt and have no idea how to start, you can search examples of good thesis statements online. People who have already written such works and have some experience will surely share there examples.

Some specialists advise to start from a question and a response to this question. Following this example, you will surely draw attention of the readers. This rule is especially useful when a question is grabbing. You also can google ‘sample thesis statements starting with a question’ and you will stumble upon a number of useful examples.

It also bears mentioning that this issue depends upon the kind and goal of a paper. Analytical, expository or argumentative essays have various kinds of thesis statements and the one, used in one type of work, cannot be applicated in the other case. Besides, your task is to form a strong thesis and your points of view should be supported in the work.

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