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Verification and Authorization

What is account and payment authorization?

During the process of account and payment authorization, all the information submitted by you to OrderYourEssay.com is validated to establish yourself as the actual cardholder and the rightful account owner.

OrderYourEssay.com may require Customers to authorize their provided information in order to protect the buyer, the personal details and the submitted payment from identity theft or any kind of online fraud. We have adopted this procedure in order to protect the Customers’ data from unauthorized use and also to eliminate any possibility of online financial crime.


Why do my account and payment need to be authorized?

All our Customers must authorize their accounts to be certain that only the authorized person will have access to his/her account. Once your account is authorized, it will mean that your details are valid and that we should pay extra attention to your future requests. You can be completely sure that all your personal information submitted to our site has only been accessed by one of our Risk Account Representatives. We do not store your data or share it with any third parties.


What documents should be provided?

We require photos of the credit card used for the order payment and of any documents that can confirm your identity, for instance, a passport, library card, driving license, student identity card or another document that might include your full name, your photo, birth date, address, or citizenship status. We will only need some information on those documents.


What information will you need on my credit card?

We will only need the last four digits on your credit card, your full name on it, the card’s type and the issuing bank. We do not require either the full card number, or the CVV code, or the expiry date. You can hide this information while taking a picture of the card.


What else do you need to see on my ID?

We do not need all your ID details. We just require your address and full name there. We ask our customers to hide all other details that are irrelevant to us.


What happens to the information from my documents?

We will check that the provided details match the transaction information from the payment processor.


How can you be sure that I have provided the correct information?

The payment system always shares the details of your transactions with us. Our Risk department knows the main details of any payment – the last four digits of your credit card, cardholder’s full name, credit card type, the issuing bank, the billing address of the cardholder and their residence.


How do you authorize these details?

Our Risk Department reviews the documents that you provide. They authorize that the billing information from the payment system matches the information on the photos of your credit card and ID. If everything is correct, in the majority of cases it will mean that payment is made by the rightful owner and that it was authorized; otherwise, if not all the documents are present, other methods and means of authorization should be implemented.


What if I used someone else’s card after is has been authorized?

That is absolutely fine with us, but we will still need to make sure that the cardholder knows that transactions are taking place. You can ask him to forward the above mentioned documents to us blanking the irrelevant information. We might also need the original cardholder’s phone number to authorize payment via phone.


I am not too comfortable with sharing my documents online. What do I do?

Authorization is primarily necessary for your financial safety. We can see the requested information anyway, and we just need to match it with your documents. This way, we’ll be able to make sure that your card information has not been stolen to make purchases on our website. If a transaction seems suspicious, we might forward the details to the Fraud Investigating Bureau. In such a case, the stolen credit card can get blocked.


How safe is it to provide my personal details to OrderYourEssay.com?

It is completely safe to do so. We don’t store your documents. Once uploaded to OrderYourEssay.com, only one person will be able to see them. A Risk Department Representative will check them for validity with your provided data and will delete them immediately. It usually requires no more than 16 hours for us to check your documents and delete the information forever. We won’t disclose your personal information to any third parties. Every Customer and their personal details are protected because your anonymity and safety are our TOP priorities.


I don’t think that authorization is necessary.

As you may know, online sales are always a big risk. We try to eliminate even the slightest possibility of the wide-spread identity theft or card-not-present fraud. You can report an unauthorized use of your credit card to our Risk department, get you money back and help us identify the bad guys.


OK. I understand. How can I authorize my payment now?

There are several ways how you can provide us with your documents – email, file upload or fax. The process is really easy! Find the tutorial by scrolling to the top.