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Critical Thinking

The majority of us consider that there is nothing unusual in things, we use every day and critical thinking is not an exception. However, our life quality is contingent on the quality of our thinking. Perfect critical thinking can help us develop our outlook.

Simple definition of critical thinking

Each person understands this term differently. Critical thinking definition was the main theme for discussion for a number of scientists and each person who faced this theme can interpret this term differently. However, we can say, this is the ability to think clearly about anything, event or problem.

As a result, a person with good critical thinking can:

  • Formulate questions clearly and intelligibly,
  • Use abstract ideas for interpreting information effectively,
  • Identify significant ideas,
  • Communicate with others when it is necessary to accept a decision.


Critical ThinkingIn a nutshell, critical thinking is self-piloting, self-discipline and self-correcting type of thinking. It doesn’t mean that if a person can boast by a perfect memory and can share a plenty of useful information, he or she is very good at critical thinking. This person can easily make a conclusion and knows how to use information properly for making a good thing of it.

However, some people confuse it with argumentative thinking but this is a cumulative error. The skills, a person acquires while developing critical thinking, can cut a great figure in constructive tasks. Furthermore, it helps improve skills, broaden outlook and acquire new knowledge.

Why is critical thinking important?

First, critical thinking is crucially important for people who are engaged in education, management or finance.

Besides, new knowledge economy cannot do without critical thinking. The new economy has rather strict requirements to people and those who can analyze information and integrate various sources of information have chances to attain success faster.
Scientific investigations and democracy achievements also cannot be imagined without critical thinking. Besides, liberal democracy is inconceivable without people who cannot think critically.

Among the other positive characteristic features, we can also say that it is crucially important for self-reflection and creativity.

Some people consider that critical thinking can hinder creativity but this is a common mistake. It is not an obstacle for thinking out-of-the-box.

Styles of thinking

There are many styles of thinking but not each person thinks about their existence. However, we can figure out four types of thinking styles:

  • Idealists (these people always try to be interesting in you and what you are saying).
  • Realists (people who have a strong opinion and trust facts and data more)
  • Pragmatists (creative people, often with perfect sense of humor)
  • Analysts (people who used to work with facts only and strictly obey rules)

It is evident that every style has its strong and weak points. However, if you determine to what style you belong, try to accept it and use only positive aspects of one or another style.
Thinking skills

As far as we have already determined the types, we can name the main skills of thinking. Scientists often discuss 7 critical thinking skills because they consider them to be the most significant. Here are they:

  1. Analyzing. The skill to analyze a situation can deprive you of lots of problems.
  2. Applying of the rules. Make personal judgments in accordance with socially established rules.
  3. Discriminating. The ability to find out differences between things.
  4. Information Search. The ability to look for facts and identify resources.
  5. Ability to draw logical reasons. Your possibility to make conclusions based upon facts.
  6. Predicting.
  7. Transforming knowledge.

You can always find a number of examples of critical thinking questions online. They can teach you how to put them correctly and prompt critical thinking in the audience. In fact, it can be a good exercise, which can help you improve your skills and enlarge your scope.


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