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Literature Review

How to write a worthwhile literature review?

The main target of a literature review is to make readers aware of the main plot of the book or work you read. The review can be made in any format, comprising the internet resources. It may be a separate work or a part of thesis, dissertation or report. Working with the dissertation and thesis, the main line of the review will be distinguished basing on the research objective and in some separate cases by the thesis or issue you are arguing and will outline the form of your further work.

One should bear in mind that the purpose of a literature review is to create not just a combination of descriptions organized into one summary, it should be created in the discussion form. Reading the review everyone should be involved in critical discussion and should be informed about various arguments, approaches and theories. Ideally, it must be a combination of synthesis and analyses of the published work you read.

What does a literature review look like?

The ideal review should correspond to the following requirements:

  • Make a comparison and contrastive analyses of various authors on one issue.
  • Outline authors with similar conclusions regarding the issue.
  • Have a critical view concerning the aspects of methodology.
  • Specify parts of the work regarding which the authors had disagreement/disputes.
  • Outline weak-points in the research.
  • Demonstrate how your review is connected to other similar reviews.
  • Demonstrate the connection of your work with different types of literature.

Definitely each literature review has its goals.

They are as follows:

  • To find out and limit the issue you are working on in your review.
  • To put oneself on record.
  • To get rid of duplicates.
  • Make evaluation of promising scientific research methodologies.
  • Compare your research results with previous scientific works in order to distinguish future research objectives.

Literature Review

Possible Structure of the Literature Review

So, how to write a literature review? Mostly, the structure of each work depends upon the thesis or research area. The main idea is to find all works regarding your topic. Then you need to group them, make a comparison of different thoughts of various authors. The reviews of other authors should smoothly migrate to your own work.

It is of prime importance to use linking words to make your text more organic and readable. That can be such words as: in addition, similarly, again, also, etc.

The linking words should also be applied. Besides, they highlight your understanding of the issue. They can be as follows: on the other hand, nevertheless, however and so on.

At the end, you are to make a conclusion that should be linked with the main hypothesis and main question of your step by step literature review.

Certainly, it is a very hard task for an individual, who has never dealt with writing. Definitely, one can find a good sample of a literature review via the Internet, but not always it can help write a good review for a non-experienced person.

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