Case Study

When students are on the way to higher education and study at the university or college, they are frequently made to do such tasks as case studies, essays or research papers. These tasks are given to students with the aim to broaden their outlook and improve their skills in writing. In this article, we are to review case study templates and the influence of this kind of work on the process of education.

What does the term ‘case study’ mean?

It makes no matter at what department you study. In any case, you face such task as case study eventually. This is a special kind of report, which is usually published. Generally, the object of investigation is a person or a small group. It can also be an event or situation that happened earlier. If the object of your investigation is a certain group of people then you should learn the behavior of the whole group but not each person separately.

Case Study

Besides, each student who faces this kind of work should follow a research method, which varies depending on the theme of your work. Case studies have a certain impact on the following brunches of science:

  • Psychology,
  • Sociology,
  • Political science,
  • Anthropology.
  • Medicine and so on.

Besides, this type of writing is also frequently considered to be as a valuable record of the practice a person receives. In medicine, this kind of work is widely used. Patient case studies are a special kind of record of clinical interactions. It stands to mention that a great part of field practitioners cannot boast by good skills in writing for publications and more often they prefer not to publish their works.

How to write a case study

As far as you understand case studies are widely used for various purposes. Because of this issue, they are subdivided into several types:

  • Illustrative (frequently called as descriptive),
  • Investigative (when the author explores something),
  • Cumulative (an author’s task is to collect information and compare it),
  • Critical (when an author is obliged to examine one or another subject).

It is your task to choose the type of work, you want to write. Certainly, the structure of every type of case study differs from each other. Besides, it may vary greatly depending on the type of educational establishment you study. However, there are some rules that can help you do a good job. In fact, case study format is not so difficult as it may seem to be at first gaze. If you look through the main rules, this writing will not be complicated for you.

1. Work on the type of case study, its style and design. Your task is to select the method you work with and determine whether you will work with illustrative or cumulative case study. You should analyze the situation very carefully.

2. Select the theme of your work. This is not difficult because in most instances students know in advance about what they are going to write about. On this stage you work with literature, visit libraries or look through a number of Internet resources.

3. Review cases that are similar to your work and were studied before by the other students or researchers. Don’t neglect communication with your professors, they surely can help you write a worthwhile work. When you work with various resources, you surely will make some conclusions. In your case study you will be able to share your ideas on one or another theme.

These are the main rules how to get ready to case study. Besides, you also should pay attention to key words – you should place them before the article. This simple step can help users find your article in search engine faster. There are a number of case study examples online but using key words, you simplify the process of information search to the other students.

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