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Creative Writing

Every person is a writer by nature but not everyone can express personal thoughts correctly. However, writing a case study or some other kinds of creative writings, we can express our thoughts. Each person can do it in different way. Therefore, let’s analyze what is this, its types and disclose secrets of writing short stories.

What is creative writing?

It is difficult to give a definition to this statement because each person renders it differently. However, we can say that it is any kind of writing that has nothing to do with various forms of literature (journalistic, professional, academic or technical). Besides, the author is free to use various literary idioms and tropes and can easily combine the elements of poetics or poetry. Creative writing has nothing common with technical or academic writing but sometimes it has even more admires than academic style may have.

Now let’s determine the purpose of this kind of writing. In these latter days posting in social networks became extremely popular and users share their thoughts and feelings there. The main goal of creative writing is to entertain people and share thoughts or ideas with the others. However, in this area imagination should be on the first place.

Creative Writing

The main types of creative writing

In fact, there are lots of them and each person, putting the question like how to write a short story, should know the main types of them.

  • Novels,
  • Short stories,
  • Speeches,
  • Essays,
  • Poetry,
  • Movie scripts.

One more interesting fact is that some types should be written in first person and this form of writing gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts in a creative manner. Furthermore, if you have no limits, no rules to obey, you can write really creative work because your task is to express your thoughts only.

Creative writing tips

However, each person, wanting to write something creative, wants to know the answer to the question like how to start a short story. In fact, if you have innovative mindset, this task will not cause difficulties. Nevertheless, having a desire to write a story, you always can follow some rules, created by experienced people.

1. Get started. This task is probably the most complicated one because it is always difficult to determine from what to start. However, you probably already know the theme of your work, you can write your ideas or expressive phrases in your notebook on a day-to-day basis. This simple advice can help you finally start your work.

2. Write the first paragraph. Having written the first paragraph, you will do the most complicated part of your work. Besides, it must be catchy and attract the attention of the audience.

3. Introduce main characters. Try to add to your characters bright emotions and make them alive.

4. Determine a narrator. You task is to decide who will be a narrator and from what person the story will be told.

5. Create catching and interesting dialogs.

6. Pay attention to details. Describe everything to the reader. Your task is to draw a picture and having read a story a reader should jump into imagined atmosphere you created.

7. Determine the main plot of the story.

8. Conflict. If you want your story to be catchy and breathtaking, create a conflict.

9. Resolution of the conflict and a happy end.

These are the main tips that can help you in this area. In fact, this is something like a plan of your work and if you follow it, you surely will write a worthwhile story.

If you spend plenty of time online and like reading, you have chances to stumble upon a number of creative writing prompts and creative writing exercises. They can help you get some practice in this area and discover lots of interesting facts about it.

Furthermore, there are some special programs that teach how to write. They are available to writers, studying at high school or colleges. All aspects of this sphere of studying are discussed on special lessons and students have a fair opportunity to improve their skills and attain success in this area. Besides, a number of competitions help students to present their works and learn something new from the other students.


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