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Personal Statement

Each student or a person looking for a job at least once in a lifetime faced the necessity to write a personal statement. At first gaze it seems that nobody reads it and it must be written only because some rules require this. However, those who think this way are mistaken. Therefore, let’s find out what is this, how to start a personal statement, the rules of writing and what information it is better to avoid.

The definition of a personal statement

Generally, this is a short text included into CV of a person, who wants to find a job or applies for scholarships. This is a short summery, usually presenting the information about a person. Innovative approach to writing of this statement, your skills to present information are even more important than the text you write there. Your text should be a bright example of your ability to frame arguments because hardly you will find an employer who will sign on a person having problems in this sphere.

You probably may wonder concerning the length of this text. In fact, this issue depends from several factors. The most significant of them is the kind of audience – the length of personal statements depends greatly on whether you look for a job or want to continue education and apply for scholarship. For instance, graduate school personal statement differs from personal statement used in CV.

If you apply for a job, your personal statement takes no more than five or six lines of CV (generally 120-180 words). If your task is to create personal statement for college, it is usually longer and can consist of approximately 1000 words.

People frequently confuse it with a cover letter but it is a mistake. It should be patient, short and present only necessary information about a person.

Personal Statement

Several tips to write an attractive personal statement

People use personal statements for a long time and there are some rule each person should follow for creating of a good and useful statement.

  1. 1. Give the most important information about you as a personality. You should somehow draw a picture about you – who you are, your occupation, goals you want to achieve in your career.
  2. 2. Welcome readers. You should address to the readers personally. In such a way, you will attain more success.
  3. 3. Be natural. Use simple not complicated language and simple sentence structures. Don’t try to copy someone for leaving impression on the audience, especially if this kind of communication is not typical for you. Surely, you want to make an impression, however you can get into hot water.
  4. 4. Be more specific. Your personal statement should contain something intriguing that can grab the attention of a person who will read it. Remember the main rule: ’It is difficult to sell yourself, proving that you are unique when your personal statement doesn’t differ from the other ones.

Having followed the above-mentioned rules, you will surely achieve a success.

What a person should not do while writing a personal statement

Students frequently confuse it with some other type of work or try to cram it with a number of unnecessary information. Always check yourself, in case you have some doubts, look for examples of great personal statements online, or you may type in search engine something like this graduate nursing school essay examples’. Having looked through the works of the other people you will surely make a right conclusion. In fact, excellent personal statement examples that can be applied in any area do not exist. There is no common example that can be applied everywhere.

Therefore, in case you aim to create an attractive personal statement, do not confuse it with:

  • An academic paper. Do not turn your personal statement into academic work.
  • A journal entry.
  • A narrative resume.

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