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Application Letter

Though at first gaze a letter of application seems to be simple to write, when you start working on it, you will definitely face some difficulties. Right now we’ll to learn what the letter of application is intended to and discuss the main tips simplifying the work on this assignment. Yet still, we’ll also learn what to do in case this assignment is too complicated for you. So, let’s start!

What is a letter of application?

Frequently, a letter of application is also called as a cover letter. As a rule, you will be made to write it when you make a request for a job or wish to send a resume to one or another company. To attract attention to your resume, you need to accompany it with a letter of application sample.

The main difference of an application letter from a cover letter is that the overriding priority of the first one is to stand on its own when the second one is intended for expressing the interest in the offered job position.

You may face the necessity to create an application when you are aimed to get a scholarship. In this case, together with a written essay, you will be asked to write letters of application. The committee, evaluating your admission essay, will see your application letter first. On that score, this assignment is crucially important. So, you should take into consideration all aspects, working on it.

Application Letter

A Letter of Application Format or How It Should Look Like

Surfing around the net, you will definitely see a plethora of letter of application examples. In the majority of instances, this mind-jogger will definitely be useful for you. You will see how students write these letters. Furthermore, you have a chance to compare them and select the most winning solution for you.

When you know the letter of application definition, it is high time to start working on it.


As a rule, this type of writing should comprise an extensive introduction. This issue is of prime importance because it serves the same target as a resume serves.

Reviewing against an ordinary cover letter, this one is longer because an introduction to a cover letter consists of several brief paragraphs.

Work Experience

In sober fact, an application letter should encompass the information about your work or educational experience. In other words, this is a short description of you as an applicant. This letter can substitute CV. On that score, you need to include the information about your education or professional competence.


Having analyzed a number of examples of covering letters for job applications, we can conclude that this is a teaser. Its prime target is to catch the reader’s attention. An application letter has another structure. This is a more thorough document, introducing the applicant. It comprises all information about you, your certificates, skills, and experience.


Always pay attention to the requirements of a company or higher educational establishment. If a cover letter is required, you can’t send an application letter and vice verse. This trick will not pass. For that reason, please, keep in mind this issue.

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