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Basic Tips on How to Write a Proposal

Write a Proposal

Writing a college thesis is a crucially important task that significantly influences your future grade and even your career. Dealing with a dissertation is a complicated assignment, but in this post, we won’t be talking about the details of writing a dissertation. We’ll focus on writing a thesis proposal, which is a more important task that can help you get thesis acknowledgement in the future.


What’s a Thesis Proposal?

The main goal of this section is to describe what research you’ve done. You should show what it is about, what techniques you’ve used to conduct it, and why it is so crucial for the future development of this scientific area.

Some academicians start writing their proposal before the dissertation, whereas others leave this task for later. It is up to you to decide when you should do this.

Write Proposal

How to Write Proposal

If handled properly, you can easily tackle that challenge. Here’s a list of compulsory elements, your thesis paragraph should include:

  • An introductory section that demonstrates your theme and your objectives;
  • A brief literature review that showcases the current state of this industry (what was done, what is going to be done, etc.);
  • A short outline of methodology;
  • How will your research be used in the future? Will it help develop this industry?
  • A list of relevant sources that were used to create this research.


You have to bear in mind that a lot depends on the theme of your argumentative thesis. Therefore, dissertation proposals may vary in terms of structure and length. Besides, students should also follow the guidelines given by their higher educational establishments. Sometimes, they also vary.

Tips on how to write a dissertation proposal

All in all, it’s a creative task that requires an innovative approach. Here are some tips that might help:

  • Come up with a strong idea. Find a niche that is very interesting to you and learn the main concerns of the previous researchers.
  • Study-related research. It shows what fields are already studied and what require additional investigations. As a result, it will be easier for you to understand what aspects require studying. Check the dissertation database to learn what themes were already researched.
  • Be brief but informative. Usually, such pieces of writing are short and to the point. So make sure you’ve covered all the aspects and made it informative.
  • Describe the proposed methodology. Here, you need to show what things you wanted to do and what methods you used. In this paragraph, you should be very specific.

Following these recommendations, you’ll surely create a powerful proposal that will help you get thesis acknowledgements.

write a dissertation proposal


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