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How to Write a Personal Statement: The Easiest Tips for Students

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Unfortunately, we don’t take seriously all the tasks that we need to do while studying at a higher educational establishment. But some tasks can even influence our future career! A personal statement for graduate school or university is one of such assignments. The thing is that some employers may ask you to provide a personal statement that shows the information about your qualifications and skills that are necessary for a position. Therefore, your goal is to create a convincing personal statement. Do you know how you can do that? Here’s a comprehensive guide that might help you!

A Personal Statement: Definition

It’s a brief document that demonstrates information about your achievements, goals, interests, skills, talents, etc. Overall, this document shows your achievements in various scientific fields. In general, a law school personal statement and a medical school personal statement have very similar content, but they may differ in length. Mind that personal statements for universities are more specified and longer. This document usually includes three or five paragraphs, whereas a personal statement for a job application usually contains only one section. But some higher educational establishments and companies may have their own requirements for this task. So make sure you meet them.

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How to Write a Personal Statement: A Few Valuable Tips to Follow

When browsing the web, you’ll find lots of college essay prompts and tips on writing effective personal statements, but not all of them can meet your needs. The below-listed approach will help you create a strong personal statement:

  • Begin with an introduction. It should reflect you as a personality. Simply put, it should demonstrate why you are interested in this particular job and demonstrate your recent experience in this field. Make your introduction catchy to encourage your reader to look it through till the end.
  • Write about your relevant skills and experience. Here, you need to mention your talents, relevant skills, achievements and experience.
  • Write about your goals (professional or academic).

Don’t make it too long and make sure you add only relevant information. Finish writing with a firm conclusion. The main goal of this section is to leave a strong and lasting impression on the audience. Make sure it persuades the reader to accept your offer and finally review your credentials.

Help With Personal Statement

I Need Help With My Personal Statement

It is clear that the number of personal statement formats is enormous, and it is really hard to make the right choice. But what if you don’t have spare time to study the specifics of this task? What if you don’t know how to create catchy personal statements that will make an employer notice you among tons of other candidates? In such a scenario, you can hire professional writers that will help you.

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